Chrome City Series – Berlin

The third issue of Chromes City Series is inspired by Berlin. Yah, we know, Berlin is not in Bavaria and they don’t wear lederhosen, but Berlin embraces all. It’s a mash up of epic proportions. Our Berlin City Series is made with water resistant “felted” polyester that feels like a wool German Army blanket and embossed suede reminiscent of traditional German workwear (aka, lederhosen). The inside has our very own Bavarian inspired needlework print. The hardware is finished with an antique brass finish. Prost!

Now Available
Berlin Citizen MSRP: $160
Berlin Yalta MSRP: $140

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cool tool – Ruckus Composites – Carbon Access Tool

No more jingles, introducing the C.A.T. (Carbon Access Tool from Ruckus Composites. Clean, sleek and classy. The C.A.T. can fit a variety of keys and tools including most bicycle lock opening devices. Available next week for purchase, stay tuned and pick one up. Guaranteed to make you the talk of the town, or at least the coffee shop.

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Marin Bikes announce re-branding and new 2014 line

Today, Marin Bikes California announces an evolutionary leap for the company, including the culmination of robust new R&D and company structure, led by President Matt VanEnkevort.

Respected bike-industry veteran VanEnkevort took the helm as CEO in late 2012 and swiftly began the work of driving Marin forward with the greater resources at his command as a result of the company’s acquisition by a private firm earlier that year. VanEnkevort and the team at Marin have revitalized the company from the ground up and the inside out, driven by love for the brand and the thrilling, majestic landscapes that inspired it. The new direction features crucial advancements, as well as a return to the heart and soul of Marin: bikes designed by a small collective of passionate riders who work and ride hard in order to give the cyclists of the world the absolute best.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” says VanEnkevort. “Marin Bikes California is intimately connected with its namesake, and our people and products reflect this. We all live and ride here, and we love it. We’ve challenged ourselves and dug deep for our fans—our dealers and customers—and we have high expectations for 2014. Not only are the bikes going to be better than ever; we’ve completed and will be launching a full redesign: logo, headbadge, design aesthetics, bikes, Web site, all of it. We’ve built a bigger, stronger company, poured resources into R&D, and embraced platforms like 27.5-inch wheels, the IsoTrac suspension system, and much, much more, offering greater performance and versatility to our riders. We can’t wait for everyone to see it all come together.”

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Levi’s Traveling Commuter Bike Shop

Check out Levi’s Commuter Bike Shop site for more information.

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OGIO bags sponsor Argos – Shimano and Jamis Hagens Berman cycling teams

ogio_logoOGIO bags are now the proud sponsors of Argos-Shimano and Jamis Hagens Berman cycling teams  with stage wins in the Tour de France and recent Tour of California. The teams utilize the OGIO Endurance 9.0 bag to carry their equipment to all their races. OGIO bags are touted for their strength, lightweight and versatility for housing all of your  apparel and accessories.

We will have a complete review of the Endurance 9.0 bag in the coming months, so check back for what we find.

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Beat the Heat Tips


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SizeMyBike iPhone app free 6/29/13

The 100th running of the Tour de France is coming soon, SizeMyBike for iPhone will be free Saturday, June 29th!

SizeMyBike is the first mobile bike fitting app. Essential to choose the right frame size or improve your position!

To learn more about SizeMyBike:

SizeMyBike is available on the App Store:

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Homeless use Citibikes for outdoor trainers


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The Spokesman


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Berenstain bears ride bikes

“Bears on Wheels” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

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