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Florida to San Jose

There’s really a lot to admire about this woman, but really?

On Feb. 12, after the ceremonial dip of her bike’s back tire in the Atlantic Ocean, Senecal says, “I hooked up the trailer with 60 pounds of gear, put on my brand-new cycling shoes with clips, got on my brand new bike I’d never ridden and tipped over.

“I could not pull the trailer, and I’d never used clip-on shoes before and I couldn’t unclip myself. I
kept falling.

Brand new bike? Insanity.

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Superbowl Sunday car/bike hijinks

Intoxicated you say?

SACRAMENTO, CA – A high speed chase along Interstate 5 ended when the driver crashed just north of Sacramento Sunday night.

The chase started with the man driving the wrong way down “L” St. in downtown, police said. Police said an officer on a bicycle tried to pull him over, but the driver took off and turned on to I-5.

Police chased the man north through the city of Sacramento before he exited the interstate at Garden Highway before losing control and going over an embankment, leaving his car totalled and the driver himself hospitalized.

Police on the scene tell News10 they believe the driver was intoxicated.

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World’s Smallest Velodrome

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Proposed Lake Natoma improvements may impact trail

The City of Folsom has decided to proceed with plans to redevelop a portion of the waterfront near the historic district – a move which could impact trail access for cyclists. The proposed improvements, which will cost almost $1 million, would provide a 2,400-foot walkway joining the popular shopping areas south of Lake Natoma with the edge of the water. New boat launch facilities are also planned for the lake.

It is unclear how the proposed development could impact cyclists on the trail, but current plans involve the construction of a pedestrian walkway from Gold Lake Drive, adjacent to Lake Natoma Inn, directly down to the waterfront. Such a walkway would interrupt the bike trail as it currently exists, although cyclists are generally forced to exit the trail at this point in order to continue up to Beal’s Point, or cross the lake at Lake Natoma Crossing.

The improvements have drawn widespread support from local businesses, but environmental protection and trail advocate Stephen Green of the Save the American River Association has condemned the proposal, “The project would be totally incompatible with the existing natural area”, he wrote, in a letter addressed to the City of Folsom last November. Green’s concerns are important to note for cyclists, since the existing trail – which enjoys steady use throughout the year – has been sensitive to surrounding riparian habitats. Green has vowed to fight the proposed redevelopment in court if necessary.

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Treating bikes like cars: will California follow New Jersey?

A proposed bill making its way through the legislature in New Jersey would require all bicycles in the state to be officially registered through the DMV. Could a similar law be passed in California?

Assembly Bill 3657, introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker, creates a legal obligation for bicycle owners to file paperwork with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Registration is renewed every two years, or when a bike changes ownership through sale or otherwise. Owners who fail to register their bike will be subject to a fine, as is currently the case for owners of motor vehicles.

In California, where cycling is popular, no such regulations exist, and cyclists are free to use the public highways in accordance with local restrictions (most freeways are off-limits to bicycles).

Whether or not the New Jersey bill is passed, it raises interesting questions about the rights of cyclists on the nation’s roads. In California, while cyclists theoretically enjoy the same rights as drivers of motor vehicles, the reality is that bicycle-users are second-class citizens on the roadways, and law-enforcement does little to protect riders or prevent abuse by drivers. Indeed, a great many roads do not have adequate cycle-lanes. Where lanes exist, they are frequently used as on-street parking spaces by ignorant drivers who unfortunately enjoy the legal freedom to do so.

If California introduces such a bill, perhaps it would include new protections for cyclists, such as enforcable rights to occupy the roadway without fear of harm, intimidation or assault by drivers. Perhaps the license fee will generate adequate revenues to fund protected cycle paths, alternate routes and secure bicycle-parking. Would the passage of such a bill exclude bicycles used exclusively on cycle-paths such as the American River Parkway?

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2011 | Miles 0 – 23

Got out on the road today for my first ride since we started movingmoving with two children is far more difficult than moving without two children. The cold workday morning left the American River Parkway all but abandoned and offered up that special kind of peaceful lonelinessa loneliness I won’t get to experience often once I return to work.

Having the trail to myself wasn’t as nice after successfully repairing a flat, the valve on my new tube popped straight off and left me stranded 11 miles from home with no tube, no air and no cash. After a phone call and a request for my lovely wife to meet me at the nearest bike shop, I hoofed it a half mile or so and fixed the flat for the final time finishing my short 20 mile ride in just over 2 hours.

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“@$&! Portland!”

“Fuck Portland!” he opines upon learning I am trying to discover why Minneapolis deserves top status over what would seem the logical choice. “All I ever hear is about how cool Portland is. Who rides through the shit we do? We ride more by accident than they do on purpose.”

For me, this evening, it was flurrying at 24 degrees for my short four mile stint, but even I think Minnesotans are insane.

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Broadway Bombing

It might be possible that this is the kind of thing that makes drivers and pedestrians dislike cyclists.

Broadway Bombing is racing the length of Manhattan down, you guessed it, Broadway.



no bike is safe

Cycleicious pointed me to this story about a “bike crusader” in Williamsburg, NY. I guess, at least he isn’t trying to hit them with his car.

A longtime neighborhood resident has gotten so frustrated by sidewalks packed with parked bicycles that he has actually begun injecting Krazy Glue into locks as a form of vigilante injustice.

The renegade — whose name has been concealed because of the sensitive nature of this story — has committed the crime a few times, but told us last week that there are plans to broaden the sticky situation.

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