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A Letter to the Earth on Earth Day

Dear Earth,

Look, I’m really sorry I had to drive to work today. Truth is that the short drive is going to make things a lot easier for me when it’s time to go home and load up the car and drive out to the coast. You’ll be happy to know that, to make up for it, I brought my reusable coffee cup into the office and plan to leave it there for regular, everyday use. In the interest of honesty, I do have to admit I brought the cup in mostly so I could score a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, but from now on, I’ll use it every day. I promise.

While we’re still talking about apologies – last week the recycling bin was full so I put some recyclables in the trash. When I’m in a car, it’s usually an SUV – a small one sure, but I still feel guilty. My kids wear disposable diapers. I forget to turn the lights off when I leave the room. Batteries. Single use plastic bags. Sometimes we buy non-organic vegetables. I don’t compost.

Well, anyway, Happy Earth Day. I’ll ride my bike again when I’m back on Tuesday and try to work on that turning the lights off thing. I probably won’t start composting unless the county starts picking up my compostables. Thanks for understanding and, you know, making it possible to be alive and everything else you do. You’re the best.

“…and many more…”


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an open letter to dads who don’t wear helmets

Dear Dads,

I don’t really care about your head. If you think it’s a good idea to ride around at 20 mph with nothing but your, admittedly, fantastic hair between your head and any pavement it might come in contact with, who am I to judge? Odds are that I won’t be around if you crash. And, it’s nice that you make sure your two kids and wife are all wearing helmets as the four of you swerve down the bike trail; I admire the fact that you recognize the value of those heads.

But don’t you think that you might be setting the wrong example? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to demonstrate how important a helmet is by, you know, wearing one? Or are you fine with your kid being the one that takes his helmet off and hangs it on his handlebars as soon as he’s sure his mom can’t see him?

I guess what I’m saying is that things might be a little different if you were a 22 year-old bike messenger on some ridiculous fixed gear bike you “built” yourself. Then, maybe, your emphasis on “style” could be enough to rationalize that tweed cap you spent an entire month’s income on. But you, you’re a 40 year-old dad riding around in basketball shorts and a muscle-T, a helmet is only going to help your look.



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