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Berenstain bears ride bikes

“Bears on Wheels” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

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one for the kids…

Strider World Championships 2011

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posted from the safety of my car

Last night I had a dream that I was vilified on local news for jaywalking with my daughter. In the dream, my daughter and I appeared on the local news, first waiting to cross a street at a stoplight. On the news, the image was of my daughter and I and apparently came from one of those traffic cameras they use to spy on citizens. The voice over on the TV was about negligent parents. I knew that my family was with us as the news cut to another spy traffic camera of my daughter and I walking, diagonally across an empty street and the legs of my wife, mom and brother just at the edge of the frame. There was a sound of a horn and a squeal of over inflated tires which, I knew, had been added to the video by the news station. The voice over told viewers about the dangers of walking and crossing streets in particular.

This morning I woke up and found this in my Google Reader Feed:

Also, I read this (from an article about a high school student who was killed last Thursday when she was struck by a car walking to a bus stop):

“You really have to wave the flag at the bull, so to speak,” he said, “because drivers are really self-consumed, and it is hard to get them to stop.”

A superstitious person would lock himself in his house for a few weeks and wait for the bad omens to be forgotten. Perhaps, give up walking and cycling all together. Sleep in his car. Because, as we know from all evidence that is available, your car is the safest place you could ever be. I mean that with absolute sincerity.

Really. Using my advanced graphing skills, I’ve drawn a bar graph* of my own to demonstrate:

As you can see, cars are not dangerous at all which is why it makes sense to compare walking on a public street to the safest and most sane of all sports: bull fighting.

*Information based entirely on the data above making many assumptions about the data that are probably inaccurate and shortsighted.

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Attention Children: Bikes are Dangerous

Hey, look, LEGO included a cyclist in the LEGO City Town Ambulance set:

Hey, look, the cyclist is being loaded into the ambulance because cycling is dangerous and always results in a trip to the emergency room:

Hat tip to @thekvr.


We added a key element to the Lego bike crash. Speeding car r... on Twitpic


3 yr old hitting the trails


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on two wheels…

…for the first time. Sure, he needs a little help, but he’s not even a year yet.



he won’t say how he did it

He’s 16. He’s rode his bike across a lake. He’s not saying how.

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Believe in yourself!

Via TwinSix_Brent

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The Sierra Nevada High School Racing Series

As a former track and cross-country runner I was just wondering if I would have joined a cycling team in high school had it been offered (my conclusion was probably not – cycling wasn’t even on my radar as a sport). It looks like some of the kids in my neck of the woods our getting some pretty serious exposure to Mountain Bike Racing.

The West’s first dedicated USA Cycling mountain bike racing series for school-age kids, the Sierra Nevada High School Racing Series, debuts in just two weeks time at Granite Bay, California. The new series will kick off its first season with an ice-breaker short track cross country race on National Short Track Course in the Granite Bay Recreation Area.

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Kidical Mass Sacramento

A little bummed that I won’t be in town for the first Kidical Mass Sacramento, but y’all should gather up the kidicals and head on down. The event is this Saturday, October 9.

The inaugural Kidical Mass Sacramento bike ride will be a leisurely loop
taking advantage of bike-friendly M Street both starting and ending at East
Portal Park in East Sacramento. Decorating bicycles and other activities will
begin at 9:15am, and the ride will commence at 10:00 with a raffle afterwards.
Everything is free. We will be riding slowly enough that all aged riders should
be able to keep up. You should bring bikes, helmets, and a sense of adventure to
the ride.

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