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fiction + bicycles = good


I meant to post this yesterday: Keith Snyder (@noteon) has announced the contributors to the anthology of bicycle fiction he’s putting together for publication in December. Looks like he’ll be posting some story previews here, so keep an eye out.

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Dutch Cycle Path Myth

Over at amcambike there’s a critique of the Dutch Cycle Path video we posted here the other day.

Most importantly, the country never “turned away from car-centric policies”, as the video claims. The road network was expanded continuously, by completion of the national motorway network, first planned in the 1920′s. Since the 1990′s, the emphasis has been on widening and upgrading main roads, although entirely new roads are still being built.

Without saying so explicitly, the video gives the impression that there are now fewer cars and less traffic in the Netherlands, than in 1975. Of course the opposite is true: the number of cars increased by 81% from 1980 to 2010, rising to 7.7 million. The increase was uninterrupted.

I certainly don’t know enough about Dutch transportation history to offer any insight, but what the critique of the video doesn’t offer is an alternate narrative for how the cycle paths came to be. The fact is that English-speaking countries “look to the Netherlands as a model for policy,” because at some point the Dutch did something right. It’s not necessarily that the Dutch system is perfect but that it’s a system.

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101 Wankers | my new favorite blog

Our first wanker was angry that a bicycle was on the road. He hit his horn whilst behind me, whilst I was waiting in the cycle box at the traffic lights. As he turned at the junction alongside me, he continued to use his horn. At the next traffic lights, he rolled his window down to shout “You stupid fucking slut, get off the road and onto the pavement, you stupid bitch”. He was in his company vehicle, so rather than rise to his bait, I took my iPhone out and openly took a photo of his registration plate. For some reason this shut him up.

The company in question is Cannon Hygiene. I’ve written to them to tell them about their driver, and will update if they get back to me.

hat tip andrew

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