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NZ earthquake: Cyclists dodge boulders during training

Unbelievable… imagine dodging boulders the size of buses and ovens while out on your training loop! These guys were so lucky.

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Your bike path is unconstitutional

In case you missed it DC Streetsblog did an interview with Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) that included this gem:

SB: I was just in an EPW Committee hearing and there was some talk about the fact that some small amount of money in the reauthorization historically gets used for things like bike trails. Some people think that’s waste; some people think biking is a mode of transportation. What do you think?

DH: I don’t think biking should fall under the federal purview of what the Transportation Committee is there for. If a state wants to do it, or local municipality, they can do whatever they want to. But no, because then you have us mandating bike paths, which you don’t want either.

SB: But you’re OK with mandating highways?

DH: Absolutely, yeah. Because that’s in the constitution. I don’t see riding a bike the same as driving a car or flying an airplane.

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“@$&! Portland!”

“Fuck Portland!” he opines upon learning I am trying to discover why Minneapolis deserves top status over what would seem the logical choice. “All I ever hear is about how cool Portland is. Who rides through the shit we do? We ride more by accident than they do on purpose.”

For me, this evening, it was flurrying at 24 degrees for my short four mile stint, but even I think Minnesotans are insane.

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Broadway Bombing

It might be possible that this is the kind of thing that makes drivers and pedestrians dislike cyclists.

Broadway Bombing is racing the length of Manhattan down, you guessed it, Broadway.



6 pound bike

I can’t begin to imagine how it feels to ride a six pound bike. On the one hand it would feel like you weren’t riding anything at all. On the other hand it would feel like you weren’t riding anything at all.

The brakes are AX Lightness (130-145 grams the set, depending on model). The crankset, including bearings, is 281-grams. The AeroLite Lite Pedals weren’t Lite enough, so they have been drilled to further reduce weight. And the wheels? According to Rico de Wert, the builder of the cranks, both wheels together weigh just 585-grams. That’s 1.29-pounds for the pair.

I can think of better things to spend $45,000 on.



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