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Lance Armstrong did drugs

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Cyclist’s do drugs

This video has been circulating recently, hilarious to watch this rant.

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hipster ironman

From If Superheroes Were Hipsters at CollegeHumor.

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the hipsterest bike

from Married to the Sea via @lukeneff

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‘they laughed at me’

A review of the Genesis 700C Mens Fixed-Speed Track Bicycle available at Walmart.

2out of 5

They Laughed At Me, 08/10/2010

I’ve been wanting to get into bike racing for a while now. Recently I’ve been heading to the local Wednesday night velo races down at the bike track. It’s pretty incredible to watch the racers speed around the track just inches from each other. I wanted a piece of the action.I plopped down the $150 and road off from my local Walmart. First of all, it’s really hard to pedal this thing. You have to push down with a lot of force just to get going, and if you head up a hill? Forget it, had to walk the bike… where are all the gears?The following Wednesday I took my bike to the track and paid the entry fee. When I walked into the bike corral other racers started laughing at my bike… the kickstand and breaks were quite the novelty, along with people trying to heft the bike up with one arm. Only three of the guys could do it. I was embarrassed, but knew I could persevere.When the race started I cranked hard and started moving. I quickly fell behind and never actually got to experience what it felt like to be inches behind the guy in front of me. Instead I got to feel what its like to get passed… over and over.

This bike might be great for a lot of people, but for a future velo racer it just doesn’t cut it.

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