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How to be a Roadie


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Bib shopping

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Bicycle Rear View Camera


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Hitler loses all his Strava KOM’s

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Lance sings the song “Creep” by Radio Head

Lance Armstrong reads the the lyrics to Radio Head’s song “Creep”
Mashed by Matthijs Vlot

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happy st. patricks day

Now make like the Leprechaun and ride your bike.


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“but isn’t it funny you never hear about it talking about where it came from?”

On why steel seems to be lacking confidence:

As though the metal whose name stands for toughness would float away ethereally if we didn’t know how goddamn present and corporeal it is. Is Carbon mythological? Is Aluminium a fairy-tale? Is @titanium a fake account?

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No Handed Bike Moves

Via Andrew who wasn’t was bragging when he said he could do them all while turning.

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Cubicle Classic

Today is sports jersey day at the office. As it turns out I’m the only person in a cycling jersey – surprise! Here’s a list of things I want to do while I’m wearing it.

  • While in a meeting, about half way through, reach into my jersey pocket, pull out GU packet, rip into it with my teeth, spit the foil, and suck down the contents.
  • Have someone come into the meeting urgently and hand me a water bottle they’ve stuffed down the back of their shirt.
  • With just a couple of minutes left in the meeting take a big gulp from my water bottle then throw it to the side of the room.
  • Either at my cubicle or in a meeting, have the wheel on my chair fall off, I’d throw my hand in the air and someone would run up behind me with a new chair. Depending on how long it took, I may or may not throw my broken chair on the ground.
  • Sit inches behind a co-worker while they work.
  • Yell at someone in Italian when they won’t do what I’ve asked.
  • Have someone hand me a musette as I walk down the hall.
  • Look through the mussette putting things I want in my jersey pockets discarding the rest with a frown.
  • Change the sign on the restroom to read “Doping Control”.
  • Have someone run around next to me waving a giant Californian flag.
  • Pass someone on the stairs and give them “the look.”


Jens Voigt Soundboard by

Hilarious work by Team Jens Voigt’s Army.

Via Team Jens Voigt’s Army

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