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Homeless use Citibikes for outdoor trainers


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Riding again: new goal.

Mont Ventoux. That’s my goal. Three ascents from three villages in one day. This September.

I had my first back treatment appointment with Stefaan Vossen earlier this afternoon, I’ve been given a shoe insert to help undo my imbalance and I’ve got another seven appointments booked in over the next 4 weeks, after which it’ll go down to 1 appointment per week. He’s confident he can not only get my back and pelvis re-set to how it should be, but that I’ll be able to start training in as little as 4 weeks.

That means, all being well with my back healing as my fitness gradually improves, I’ll have roughly from mid March until September to get myself in the shape of my life. Six months… Doesn’t seem like a lot. This is going to take some epic training effort and a lot of hill repeats on Cleeve Hill. I’ve never been more excited to put my body through hell, I wish I could get started now but I’ll have to make do with writing up a training plan. It’ll be a company trip to Mont Ventoux some time in September – I don’t yet know the date – with a couple of us Dair peeps taking some cycling-keen clients along for the ride.

Super, super excited. Can anyone point me towards a decent 6 month training plan for this sort of thing that I can adapt?


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The Unicyclist is Back

For the few of us that commute on the Folsom South Canal trail between Hazel Blvd and Sunrise Blvd, there are two distinct cycling seasons each year. Unicyclist season and winter*.

The unicyclist appears between 6 and 7 am on mornings there’s enough light to navigate the unlit path without a headlamp. He wears Lycra shorts (never pants) and an unmarked blue jersey. Sometimes he wears a coat. No helmet. I’ve seen him as early as 6 and as late as 7:45. It seems that at some point in the morning he scrambles down the steep embankment and onto the trail, unicycle in hand, then mounts the one wheeled machine and pedals toward Tributary Point. When he arrives at Tributary Point he turns around and rides the other direction. Sometimes he can be seen stretching at the mouth of the tunnel the passes under Highway 50.

Every bike commuter I have talked to on that stretch of the trail knows about the unicyclist. He waves at everyone who passes.

There’s something about the ridiculousness of a fully kitted middle-aged man getting up every morning to workout on a unicycle that makes me extremely happy.

*There’s a reasonable chance he unicycles the same route during the winter but later in the day when we don’t cross paths.

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you call that exercise?

From our spam:

riding a bike is not a wkuoort. Exercise?you call that exercise? You sit down then move your feet in a little circle.


No Handed Bike Moves

Via Andrew who wasn’t was bragging when he said he could do them all while turning.

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need more time in the saddle?

Via Raise Your Seat

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The Climbs

Recently went on a ride with one my buddies and the goal was to work on climbing. The ride itself was pretty short at about 23 miles, however, it took on close to about 4,000 feet of climbing. My achilles heel in riding has always been climbing, so with a bit of hesitation, I said “let’s go for it”.

As we ascended up the mountain we discussed different ways to improve pedal stroke. The one I really like from our conversation and have now begun to use is fairly simple. On your climb, you get into a slightly bigger gear, one that you can smoothly pedal through. As you push and pull up on each pedal stroke, keep this rhythm going for five minutes. It helps to envision the technique of wiping something off the bottom of your shoe and pushing your shoe up and over the top of the pedal stroke. Once complete, spin for five minutes, repeat this exercise about three times. You will feel it for sure.

2011 brings to this Tread, the goal of climbing faster and stronger. What is your goal for this year in cycling?

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