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Interbike 2011 Day 2

Let the games begin, or so I tell myself each time I’ve gone to Interbike.  I try to prepare myself as much as possible as past history would predict an exhausting week of too much walking, talking, eating & probably……drinking.  I knew I would work really hard and play hard.  I had, within my arsenal of tools: my laptap, sales rep flyers, coaching brochures, business cards, to-do lists, cute outfits & boots to assure a ‘dressed for success’ appearance.  I also had a list of twitter-folk that I was looking forward to meeting.  I had already met several the day/night before & I remember thinking when I went to bed after the 7-11 party ‘This is only day ONE!’  I got up early, grabbed some classic-buffet-style-vegas-breaky grabbed some starbucks coffee (because that was the only coffee available on the strip walking toward the Sands convention center) and hit the floor of Interbike right as the doors opened.

Wowzerz……not only was their a multitude of eye-googling bike porn (see below for pics) but I also got to hang out with one of my best guy friends who came down from Southern Utah.  I met more tweeps and cycling industry folk, and made sure I had lucrative conversations with all of my/our team’s current & potential sponsors.  By the time ‘happy hour’ rolled around, I was definitely ready for it.  Interbike is more than just eye-candy, networking, sponsorship securing & job scouting; it’s  It’s loud & fantastically obnoxious with live DJ’s, espresso machines & kegs of beer every afternoon starting at least 3:00.  It’s a work hard, play hard bicyclist’s party.  The first day was by far my most successful and by the time that night finished I was dreading day 3 & I had blisters on my feet from all the walking around.

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Motorist [and pedestrian] Tip of the Week, 4

The bike lane, anywhere on the road, really, is not a garbage can.

It seems that there’s a trend out there to discard trash in the bike lane. This is annoying and gross and makes your neighborhood look, well, trashy. My real problem though, isn’t the litter – that’s just annoying and thoughtless – it’s with the glass. It is true a beer bottle will break when tossed from a moving vehicle onto the road and very few things are as joyful as the experience of hurling a glass bottle and watching it explode, I know. But all that green and brown glass eventually ends up in my tire and, while my Gatorskins are durable, inevitably one shard will make it through to the sensitive inner tube and I’ll end up on the side of the road trying to look like I know what I’m doing as I change tubes.

You’ll probably get a good view of my Lycra clad butt, which, for all I know, is what you were after when you threw the bottle there in the first place.

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By Bike | surviving the heat

It was probably August of last year when I heard the woman on the radio reading the weather forecast for Sacramento say, “cool today with highs in the mid to low nineties.” There was a part of me that wanted to giggle (yes, I sometimes giggle) at the concept of low nineties being “cool” and a part of me that was looking forward to break in the heat.

When people ask me how I ride my bike when it’s so hot, I usually respond by saying, “in Sacramento you either ride in the heat or you don’t ride.” And that pretty much sums up how I feel about it. I don’t claim to “enjoy” riding when it’s 90+, I certainly don’t spend the winter looking forward to it, but I like cycling more than I hate being hot, so I ride. Eventually you just get used to it.


Against my better judgment and at the risk losing the few dozen readers we have to heat exhaustion, I’m going to share with you my easy three-step guide to surviving the heat (to be clear I mean cycling in 90+ degree heat, not the Miami Heat, if you’re looking for how to survive the Miami Heat you should ask the Dallas Mavericks).

Prepare: When I say prepare, I don’t mean fill bottles, buy sunscreen or any of that “get things together for my ride” stuff. I mean prepare mentally. Specifically, I mean complain. This is the time to get it out there. To announce to the world your hatred for the heat and your desire to move, at the first opportunity, to somewhere a bit more temperate. You should start complaining as soon as you hear it’s going to be hot and you shouldn’t stop until you’re used to the heat, too hot to complain, or it starts to cool down again (at which point you can begin complaining about the cold/rain).

Hydrate: You should start hydrating while you’re complaining and continue hydrating throughout the day. But remember it is possible to drink too much water and get something called hyponatremia. The general recommendation is to drink 8 ounces of water for every 15 minutes of cycling, but this can vary pretty significantly depending on the individual so take Richard Masoner’s advice and use a scale to help gauge how much you need to be drinking and remember that when you sweat it’s not just water that you lose so consider one of those electrolyte drinks.

Ride: This is the hard part. The thing is that it is possible to acclimate yourself to the heat, but it’s not going to happen from the bucket seat of your air-conditioned car. The more time you spend in the heat the easier it will get. So get on the bike, pedal, complain, drink water and, most importantly, give yourself permission to take it easy. Allow your body to adjust to the temperature. In my experience it usually takes a few weeks of summer riding to get to the point where I feel almost comfortable. This is usually when I stop complaining about the heat and start thinking about how crappy it’s going to be when it starts to rain again.

That’s it. Three easy steps to successful bike commuting in the Sacramento summer: prepare, hydrate and ride. I promise that if you follow these guidelines you will find yourself at home most weeknights, drenched in sweat, wondering how you ended up buzzed after half a beer.


Superbowl Sunday car/bike hijinks

Intoxicated you say?

SACRAMENTO, CA – A high speed chase along Interstate 5 ended when the driver crashed just north of Sacramento Sunday night.

The chase started with the man driving the wrong way down “L” St. in downtown, police said. Police said an officer on a bicycle tried to pull him over, but the driver took off and turned on to I-5.

Police chased the man north through the city of Sacramento before he exited the interstate at Garden Highway before losing control and going over an embankment, leaving his car totalled and the driver himself hospitalized.

Police on the scene tell News10 they believe the driver was intoxicated.

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I was thinking about riding down to Discovery Park and back this coming Saturday, now it looks like I’ll just need to find a way home.

Around 60 brewpub, distributors and home brewers will be pouring ales, lagers
and craft beers
for what festival organizers anticipate will be more than 3,000

Y’all are welcome to join me.

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the reason I’m not a pro cyclist

Team Saxo Bank rider Andy Schleck said on Tuesday he and teammate Stuart O’Grady have been removed from the Spanish Vuelta because they drank alcohol.

Schleck said he broke a team rule “by going out for a drink after dinner” and said he is “responsible for my actions.”

Well that and, you know, the fact that I’m pretty sure the Vuelta would kill me.

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