Hydrapak Gel Bot | Review

Have you ever dropped an energy gel wrapper or struggled to open one while riding? Many of times I have fumbled in my jersey or pockets for one and the Hydrapak Gel Bot has the answer. Hydrapak sent over their 24 fl oz. version for our review.

The Gel Bot stores both your energy gel and water in one container. Loading the gel into the inner container with a 3.2 oz energy gel is simple and easy. The inner container removes simply by pulling it from the lid, add the energy gel, then you push the green plunger up removing any excess air. After re-inserting the inner container to the lid, add your water to the fill line, screw on the lid and you are set for your ride.

Now how are you supposed to get your gel and water? Does it come out together in a water mess? Absolutely not. When the nozzle is closed and you squeeze the bottle, gel. Open the nozzle and squeeze, water. It is so simple and easy, no more fumbling! I found clean up to be easy as well, just separate the parts and hand wash or top shelf it in the dishwasher.the 20 fl 0z. version is $13.99 and the 24 fl oz version is $14.99, not a bad price for this convenience.


  1. #1 by hnielson on June 30, 2011 - 11:30 am

    Am wondering then if sponsors (ehem, GU) could buy their bottles and put their logo on them? From your experience then, sounds like they really work. Would love to get my hands on one.

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