Cognition Caps | a review

When Cognition Caps sent a couple of cycling caps to review (disembodied head not included) I wasn’t all that excited. I’ve never much liked the look of cycling caps and hadn’t felt like I was missing out on anything in terms of head accessories. It turns out that now I’m slightly obsessed with hats.

Cognition sent a cotton cap and a wool cap with earflaps (which I’ve used far more often on my early morning commutes). Both caps have held up well in the month or so of testing – the wool cap did shrink a touch when it was accidently mixed in with my regular wash, but I was able to stretch it out to it’s orginal size and shape (more or less). Even before the shinkage, I found the earflaps on the wool cap just a touch short for my long ears, leaving me to deal with icy earlobes.

A style thing, I’m sure, but I also found the bills on both caps to be a bit short, leaving almost no protection from sun in the eyes. New to the cycling cap, I did a little comparision and confirmed that the bill was actually up to a full inch shorter than other caps I looked at. The short bill didn’t just offer little protection from the sun, it also made me look a little like a certain piece of the male anatomy.

Style questions aside, the hats fit well and are extermely durable – I even admit to using the wool cap to dry my legs after one rainy day commute. Both caps add comfort when worn under the helmet. The caps are handmade, come in a variety of colors, styles and materials and range from $24 – $30. The wool hat, specifically, is a good option if you’re looking for something low profile to wear under your helmet and keep your head warm.

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