Origin-8 Pro Pulsion Road Pedals – Review

Origin-8 was founded on three simple principles for their products, be innovative, provide quality and give value to their customer. I wanted to find a pair of Look style pedals that wouldn’t break the bank, but as well, wouldn’t break within a month of use. Their Pro Pulsion road pedals fit the bill on these principles.


Coming in at a decent 285 grams, the Pro Pulsion aren’t the lightest pedal out there, all things considered, that’s not too bad. The body is made from aluminum and the axles are chromoly steel, so they will take a beating and survive like champions. I was happy to find that the bearings are sealed, whereas typically not in the entry level class. The pedals come in a nice gloss black with the Origin-8 logo on the side of the pedal in white. The pedals can be installed to your cranks by tightening with either a 15mm pedal wrench or a 6mm Allen-key.

The Pro Pulsion pedals are Look cleat compatible and are easy to install to your road shoe. Bolted by three phillips head screws, with washers, setup is easy and if needed a visit to your local bike shop will get them dialed in just right. Cleats for the Pro Pulsion’s are constructed of a durable polymer and offer nine degrees of float. For me the float is a bit much, but that comes down to personal preference. The rear gate of the pedal is a strong plastic and will be tested for its longevity, so check back for its follow-up review. Adjustments are simple for tension. A simple Allen-key screw that incrementally turns to increase or back-off the tension. I found that in order to avoid popping out of the pedal on heavy sprints, I needed to have the tension set pretty high. Doing so, however, requires slightly extra effort to clip in.

The Origin-8 Pro Pulsions are a good buy for an entry-level pedal system. I would suggest these for someone that is wanting to see about going clipless or someone that is on a tight budget. You get a great pedal that isn’t a feather but it isn’t an elephant, as compared to its competition. The pedal is simple and good looking and has elements to last and priced around fourty dollars, they won’t break the bank.

  1. #1 by Titan on April 15, 2012 - 5:38 pm

    My pedals (I have two sets) have considerably more bearing friction than main brand pedals. The bearings are so tight that they won’t self-right by gravity so I have to look down to make sure the right side is up. I don’t know how much power I waste in the pedals (not much I’m sure), but I don’t like wasting any power so it is kind of annoying.

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