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First Regional Bike Share Program

It looks like San Francisco is on track to have the nation’s first regional bike share program.

The $7.9 million pilot project would provide bikes in San Francisco and along the Caltrain corridor in San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Redwood City for use by registered subscribers, much like car-sharing programs.

I can just about imagine a time when commuters will be able to grab a bike in San Jose, ride to BART, drop off the bike at the station, take the train, grab a new bike and ride to work. It would almost make BART a useful way to get around. It would be even better if checking out a bike included a free or discounted BART transfer.

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bicycle recycle project – nevada city, ca

I stumbled across this great project entitled “Bicycle Recycle Project” its mission to reduce, reuse and rebuild, which I am a big supporter of, is a “service learning project where students learn hands-on the basics of bicycle mechanics”. It is located at Seven Hills Middle School in Nevada City, California and not only teaches the students about the mechanics of bicycles, but allows the students to participate in many outreaches, such as a mobile bike shop, where students provide bike repair at various bicycle events. As well, the project offers after-school programs for students “with nothing to do”, they teach about recycling and the environment with the Reduce, Reuse and Rebuild teaching the students about self-sufficiencies. Yet another outreach is Bike Day at Loaves and Fishes. This gives the students the ability to help the guests of the charitable organization that feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless by offering free maintenance on their bicycles. Finally, they have organized a bike club that the students participate in. How can you participate? The Bicycle Recycle Project welcomes volunteers, bicycles and tools. Contact Steve Davis (530) 265-1840 x 8143

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1950s Cyclocross Race

These fellows didn’t mess around.

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penny farthing wallpaper

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this saddle is vegan

Mine isn’t.

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chic safety

The Hövding is an airbag for your head. Hövding means “chieftain” in Swedish, and the air-helmet was designed by Swedes Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin as a university thesis project. The Hövding collar contains gyroscopes and accelerometers which constantly monitor your movements, releasing the airbag hidden within only when you’re in danger.

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bike craiglist reading

I remember as a kid hearing ‘play it by “year”‘ and never got what it meant, until I learned the actual saying. For our craigslist reading, maybe the same issue arose.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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for kelsey

I know it’s a little late, but happy birthday!


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I for one am getting excited about the new season of Revolution at the Manchester velodrome this autumn/winter. Should be going to quite a few of these with work again hopefully. Here’s something I put together last year when we treated a bunch of our clients to a hospitality day at the velodrome: a track taster session with a few Olympic medal winners, and inside seats for the racing… good times.

Dair / FACE hospitality at the Revolution series from Sera Pickering Pick on Vimeo.

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Clean-up after yourselves, you filthbags

More on the Great American River Clean-up (with thanks to Michael)

This weekend, the American River Trail in Sacramento will host a regional gathering of conservation-minded volunteers for a day of trash-collection. The annual event, which aims to rid the parkway of refuse accumulated over the summer months, brings hundreds of bag-wielding helpers to the popular cycling destination for a morning of picking up garbage.

The American River and its upstream lakes, which flank the bike trails for thirty-two miles from Sacramento to Folsom, features many tranquil and secluded beaches which are popular gathering spots for summer-time revellers. While most come primarily to swim or sunbathe, unfortunately some leave large quantities of food waste, packaging, cigarette butts and damaged water-sports devices. The holiday weekends which bookend the summer see large influxes of visitors to the trail and river, many of whom have little respect or regard for keeping the park clean. Additionally, cyclists may unexpectedly come across large items of furniture: chairs, mattresses, even household appliances, which block the trail and cause a cycling hazard.

River clean-up events are held all over Northern California, from the coast to the remote inland waterways. The Great Sierra River Clean-up and the Coastal Clean-up will take place simultaneously with the American River Clean Clean-up, marking this Saturday as a major California conservation event, with potentially thousands of volunteers.

Aside from beautifying the American River Trail for visitors, the Great American River Clean-up has a vital environmental impact upon the waterways. Refuse which is discarded on beaches and in the river itself causes pollution, which harms mammals, birds and fish in the riparian ecosystem, as well as the regions down river, and ultimately the San Francisco Bay and beyond. Non-biodegradable trash can exist for decades, snaring and poisoning wildlife, while leaching toxic chemicals into the ground and water.

Locals interested in participating in the Great American River Clean-up are invited to visit the website of the American River Foundation. There they can find a list of sites requiring volunteers, as well as instructions and tips for safe trash-collection.

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