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Chrome Truk Pro Released

You might have read our review of the Chrome Kursk shoes a couple of years back. The folks at Chrome have been busy as usual to create the most covert SPD on the market, the Truk Pro. It is perfect for commuters, messengers, and others who live and work on the bike every day—and need a durable and comfortable shoe for bike, street, and office.

Enter the Truk Pro.

For those who live in and ride the city and want SPD performance on the bike and sneaker comfort off it. Durable, comfortable, and walkable. Made to be worn on and off the bike—all day, every day—with zero foot fatigue.20130320-143235.jpg

It’s the most innovative SPD on the market, featuring Chrome’s dual-density FlexPlateTM technology, developed to provide a fully rigid sole from the heel to the ball of the foot but also a flexible toe area (five times more flex compared with any traditional fully rigid SPD shoe). The result? Total comfort while riding and while walking.

Other features include a contoured, impact-resistant PU footbed, skid-resistant outsole, and recessed SPD plate. The 1,000-denier Cordura outer shell is 25 times stronger than canvas. Add 100% vulcanized construction and you’ve got one thoroughly bombproof shoe, ready for the demands of life on and off the bike.

Like all Chrome footwear and apparel, the Truk Pro SPD comes with a 365-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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A Day in the Life: DZR Shoes


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Countdown to #LeviGF, 3 days

At lunch yesterday I ran across town to pick-up Eva. When I got there the guy working the shop said something like, “you sure sounded keen on the phone.” And yeah, I did, I was anxious to get in a couple more rides before we leave on Friday. Back at work I rode the bike from my car about 30 feet to the bike locker – that counts as a ride, right? Later I rode the 30 feet the other way.

At MadCat I also picked up a new pair of cleats to replace my well worn pair – the old pair were worn to the point that the felt loose on the pedal. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. So, early this morning I tried swapping out the cleats and found one of the bolt holes on my left shoe was stripped out. After an hour or so of fiddling and troubleshooting I realized I was never going to get the bolt threaded into the shoe.

Three days until Levi’s Gran Fondo and now I need to buy a new pair of cycling shoes.

Preparation for this ride has been a comedy of errors. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll actually get to ride my bike.


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DMT Radial Road Shoe | Review

Who doesn’t want to wear Italian made shoes when riding? There is something to be said about the look, the feel and the fit that people, such as myself, are drawn to them. Diamant or DMT has been creating athletic footwear since 1978 with a focus on combining technology and design, as well, they have lent their expertise in engineering and development to Nike.

DMT sent over a pair of their 2011 Radial road shoes in the green and white color scheme. For those looking for a more down to earth color scheme, not to worry, white/silver, black/gold and silver/black are available, but I dig my green and white.
As you step into the Radials you draw down three hook and loop straps keeping you snug and comfortable. The straps have held up very well over the past few months with no accidental releases. Microfiber upper allows for great ventilation, keeping your feet dry and temperate.  When it comes to winter type weather, I would suggest a shoe cover. The bed of the shoe is a perforated cushion that provides ample comfort. Under the insole is a anti-shock pad for your heel. When it comes to fit, for me, the width of the shoe fit well with just enough room and the overall size was spot on with other popular cycling shoes. On the external of the heel is a new support system DMT has added to provide more stability in all types of riding.
Flipping the Radials over, you have a CX Carbon Fiber sole. The sole is constructed of nine layers of Toray MR60 Carbon Fiber which will provide excellent energy transfer from your legs right into your pedals. Marked on the sole is a textured fitting grid for your Look or SpeedPlay cleat (depending of course which type you have), making for easy installation, avoiding cleat slippage and saving you the need for any cleat adapters! The fore and the aft of the sole has a guard to keep you upright when walking and that nice Carbon as scratch-less as possible.
Overall, the Radials are a great pair of road shoe for anyone looking for performance, comfort and good looks. A size 41 weighs in at 255 grams, so they are light weight. There are few online sites in the US that carry them for around $265 with a shoe bag, such as Glory Cycles and Competitive Cyclist. I’ve been very happy with the Radials and they have taken the place as my main shoe and besides the green grows on you…

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Chrome Kursk Pro released

Chrome released today their SPD version of the ever popular Kursk, the Kursk Pro. Some hardcore New York messengers put them through the ultimate tests.

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Chrome Kursk Review

Stemming from design and utility, Chrome started fifteen years ago with the idea to create clothing, shoes and bags for purpose and function. Chrome is based in San Francisco and has retail stores in it’s hometown, New York and an online presence:

Recently we had the opportunity of reviewing Chrome’s Kursk shoes. They are made from ultra durable 1,000 denier Cordura fabric. I had to look Cordura up and see why it would be important to me. Essentially, this is what the military or anyone looking to have something last and be functional, uses on their gear. I found it to be strong and resilient, but still flexible to provide great support to your foot.Whether it is riding through the city or trendy bar hopping, the Kursk shoe can conform to all elements.  They are available in six colors, black, brown, gray, green, blue and red, so you’re able to find the right color for your gear and taste. One great feature is on the tongue of the shoe you will find a “lace garage”. This allows you to tuck your laces in while riding your bike and free from getting caught in your chain. I don’t know how many times I have torn a pair of laces in the chain, I would always tuck them in on the side, but this was always uncomfortable, Chrome has solved this.The front of the shoe has a narrow design to allow easy use of toe cages and a rubber covered toe to avoid marring. This is definetly true of the shoe, fitting for city/messenger type riding.

Moving to the bottom of the shoe, you will find the skid resistant contact rubber sole and a reflective hit on the heel to keep you visible on those night rides. The uppers and soles are 100% vulcanized construction. Inside the sole is board lasted, which strengthens the platform of the shoe to avoid pedal hot spots. The mid-sole are reinforced with nylon/glass fiber to support the midsole and a polyurethane contoured crash pad. The insole is contoured and provides ample cushion to the step. I’ve been wearing the shoes in as many conditions possible, whether it be riding, running around with the kids, out on the town or snowball fights in the snow. They are comfortable and stylish.

I have been a Cons and Vans wearer since I was able to wear shoes. From my review I say ditch the Cons and step into the Chrome Kursk. I found them to fit well and are true to size, so order the same size you currently wear in your Cons, Vans or any similar type shoe. They grip well like Vans on studded pedals and feel great walking and wearing all day.  The soles absorb shock and are comfortable. I didn’t find that my feet got hot or sweaty as they breathe well and as mentioned prior, I took them out in the snow and they kept my feet mostly dry. The Kursk’s will not let you down and set at $70, that is a small price to pay for this assurance of quality, durability and design. Check back at Talking Treads to see how they do in the longevity test.

Other place to purchase: JensonUSA is currently offering free shipping!

Photos: Mariea Rummel Photography



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