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to me, coming from you, flatten is a four letter word

Perhaps this is what the lady in the Merecedes was listening to when she tried to hit Blake:

This new plague is going to cause major damage in the Federal District [Mexico City] and therefore I ask you, please, throw your vehicle at them and flatten them.

That was Angel Verdugo, economic analyst and commentator for the Mexican radio program Reporte 98.5.


County blames cyclists for most crashes

Officials speaking for Sacramento County claim that most incidents of car-on-bike violence in the area are the fault of cyclists, writes Cody Kitaura in a recent article. According to the Bicycle Master Plan, an extensive document published online by the Sacramento Municipal Transportation Agency, 74% of crashes involving cyclists in the area were caused by bicycles. The overwhelming majority of those crashes were caused by cyclists riding the wrong way.

Riding the wrong way on a public road is illegal, but many cyclists choose to ride in designated bike lanes facing oncoming traffic for one simple reason: they feel more safe when they can see the cars heading towards them.

The roads in Sacramento are poorly equipped for bicycle commuters, with inadequate bike lanes and lacklustre enforcement of in-lane car-parking violations. Many important arteries have no designated cycling paths at all, or else they abruptly discontinue bike lanes in stretches of road where they become inconvenient for drivers.

In an region where drivers routinely assault cyclists, and law-enforcement officers favor cars over bikes, many riders feel vulnerable on the roads. Pedestrians are traditionally advised, when walking on the roadside, to face oncoming traffic so that in the event of a driver swerving into the verge, they might be able to avoid being struck. The same wisdom has been embraced by cyclists, who take up very little of the roadway and who assume that drivers will be better able to see them coming on the road.

But riding on the wrong side of the road remains illegal, and should not be encouraged. The problem is, in the absence of overdue, underfunded, long-promised cycling lane expansion in Sacramento, in order to obey the law cyclists must wrestle with a population of heavy car and truck users who care little about their safety, and who don’t think twice about yelling, swearing and honking at cyclists as they approach, and forcing them off the roads when they pass.

Without a serious examination of the attitude of drivers in Sacramento towards cyclists on the roads, there is little chance of an end to the practice of riding on the wrong side of the road. When drivers agree to obey the law regarding passing cyclists safely, perhaps cyclists will reciprocate by staying on the correct side of the road.

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he won’t say how he did it

He’s 16. He’s rode his bike across a lake. He’s not saying how.

via clusterflock

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Sacramento PD cyclists attempt 2011 Race Across America

On Saturday, June 18th, eight members of the Sacramento Police Department will gather at the starting line of the longest, fastest cycling race in America. Beginning in Oceanside, CA, competitors in the Race Across America(RAAM) will attempt to become the first individual or team to cross the finish line in Annapolis, MD, 3,000 miles away.

The RAAM is split into divisions – or categories – which separate relay teams from solo riders. Teams can be made up of 2, 4 or 8 riders who share the workload along the route. Solo riders are responsible for riding the entire race alone. The Sacramento PD will operate in a relay, with each individual cyclist riding for three hours at a stretch before handing off to a teammate.

Competitors in the RAAM ride against a clock which is always running, from the moment the first bike crosses the start line all the way across the country to the finish. The relay teams are expected to ride non-stop, 24 hours a day, while the top-ranked solo riders will be on the bike without a rest for more than 22 hours every day. The race has a 12-day time limit, so the solo riders at the front are forced to limit their sleep to 90 minutes in order to remain competitive. Because of this extreme demand, many critics say the RAAM is more about sleep deprivation than cycling skill or endurance, with the winner usually being the rider who can stay awake the longest.

Sacramento Police Department is riding for a reason: they are trying to raise money and media attention for the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. The memorial highlights the danger that police officers face in the line of duty. The cyclists from Sacramento will visit local police departments and memorials along the route to show their support for the cause.

Ideally, the participation of a group of police officers in a high-profile cycling race will raise awareness among police departments in the US of the risks that cyclists face on the nation’s roads. Complaints are common among regular road cyclists that the police often turn a blind eye to aggressive and negligent driving, or favor the automobile driver over the cyclist in the case of car-on-bike violence.

The team’s progress in the RAAM will be tracked over the next 12 days at the Sac PD website, where you can see photos and read reports from the road. There is also a real-time GPS tracker, and links to the official race leaderboard.

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protecting drivers from (sexy) cyclists

Miss Rijcken was wearing a short frilly, grey skirt and short light brown boots at the time.

For one NYPD officer, that constituted too much skin, Miss Rijcken claims.
She recalled: ‘He said it’s very disturbing, and it’s distracting the cars and it’s dangerous.
‘I thought he was joking around but he got angry and asked me for ID.’



Florida to San Jose

There’s really a lot to admire about this woman, but really?

On Feb. 12, after the ceremonial dip of her bike’s back tire in the Atlantic Ocean, Senecal says, “I hooked up the trailer with 60 pounds of gear, put on my brand-new cycling shoes with clips, got on my brand new bike I’d never ridden and tipped over.

“I could not pull the trailer, and I’d never used clip-on shoes before and I couldn’t unclip myself. I
kept falling.

Brand new bike? Insanity.

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Imaginary interview with Sam myself

Yesterday, Sam asked, “how do you propose to conduct press business while you’re slogging up King Ridge?”

My response:

Perhaps I’ll just interview you as we ride.

“This is your third year riding Levi’s Gran Fondo, what keeps you coming back?”

“Honestly, right now, I’m not sure.”

“I’ll put that down as masochism.”

“And stupidity.”


Of course, this says more about me than anything else.


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and I drove to work this morning to avoid the wind

via The Inner Ring

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