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On the rain

First, let me apologize for how quiet it’s been around here recently. Kurt and I happened to go on family vacations at the same time this year (not together) and that, a week or so off of work, always comes with a week of frantic preparation and a week of frantic catching up. Or, at least, that’s my excuse, I think Kurt’s probably still lost on some beach in Hawaii.

I spent about 8 days on the California Central Coast and, between beaches, drives down to Big Sur, trips to the aquarium and shuttling around my wife’s 15 year-old half-sister, I managed to get out for a couple of bike rides in pretty fantastic weather.



I returned home only to find that the rain we’d been missing all winter was due to arrive just in time for my (now dark) morning commutes,

Thirty minutes (or just under) is about perfect when you’re talking about riding in the rain. At 50° it’s not cold enough to get the chills and just as the water starts to slosh around in your shoes and breach the “water resistant” barrier jacket you’re wearing, you’re pulling into the parking lot at work and (careful not slip due to the wet tile, cycling shoe combo) heading into the locker room to change into some dry clothes.

Then, after you’ve hung up socks and jackets and laid out your shorts and jersey to dry in the back of your cubicle, people walk by your desk and say, “you didn’t ride today, did you?” And suddenly you become a hero, at least temporarily, for braving the elements and showing dedication to the cause. Or, maybe they add it to the list of things that make you weird, right after “wears Lycra in public.”

At least, that’s my experience.


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on two wheels…

…for the first time. Sure, he needs a little help, but he’s not even a year yet.



Musette is French for Man Purse?

Instead of a little plastic bag stuffed with even smaller disposable goods, this year’s swag bag at Levi’s Gran Fondo was a musette bag that, after returning home went into my closet and was quickly forgotten.

The bag hung on my tie rack, waiting, like all the ties, for an excuse to be used or the inevitable final trip to Goodwill. It hung, forgotten, until I met Sam and Sera for coffee a day or so before Sera was due to return to England. Sera had discovered Sam’s musette and was using carrying it like so many other women carry purses.

So, once our Levi was born and I found myself at home for several weeks in charge of shuttling our 2-year-old to and from her many scheduled activities I realized the musette was the perfect size for a diaper, a couple of wipes, maybe some toys and all the crap I usually carry in my pockets.

I don’t carry the bag everywhere, only when I’m forced to carry more than might fit in my pockets, and it’s probably not the best bag for people who like to be more organized than just throwing everything into a bag with no pockets, but it works when I need it. The bag is less bulky than a traditional diaper bag and holds a lot more than one might think, so, yes, it’s rapidly turning into my purse.


Kidical Mass Sacramento

A little bummed that I won’t be in town for the first Kidical Mass Sacramento, but y’all should gather up the kidicals and head on down. The event is this Saturday, October 9.

The inaugural Kidical Mass Sacramento bike ride will be a leisurely loop
taking advantage of bike-friendly M Street both starting and ending at East
Portal Park in East Sacramento. Decorating bicycles and other activities will
begin at 9:15am, and the ride will commence at 10:00 with a raffle afterwards.
Everything is free. We will be riding slowly enough that all aged riders should
be able to keep up. You should bring bikes, helmets, and a sense of adventure to
the ride.

via 1 girl + 2 wheels

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an open letter to dads who don’t wear helmets

Dear Dads,

I don’t really care about your head. If you think it’s a good idea to ride around at 20 mph with nothing but your, admittedly, fantastic hair between your head and any pavement it might come in contact with, who am I to judge? Odds are that I won’t be around if you crash. And, it’s nice that you make sure your two kids and wife are all wearing helmets as the four of you swerve down the bike trail; I admire the fact that you recognize the value of those heads.

But don’t you think that you might be setting the wrong example? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to demonstrate how important a helmet is by, you know, wearing one? Or are you fine with your kid being the one that takes his helmet off and hangs it on his handlebars as soon as he’s sure his mom can’t see him?

I guess what I’m saying is that things might be a little different if you were a 22 year-old bike messenger on some ridiculous fixed gear bike you “built” yourself. Then, maybe, your emphasis on “style” could be enough to rationalize that tweed cap you spent an entire month’s income on. But you, you’re a 40 year-old dad riding around in basketball shorts and a muscle-T, a helmet is only going to help your look.



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