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“@$&! Portland!”

“Fuck Portland!” he opines upon learning I am trying to discover why Minneapolis deserves top status over what would seem the logical choice. “All I ever hear is about how cool Portland is. Who rides through the shit we do? We ride more by accident than they do on purpose.”

For me, this evening, it was flurrying at 24 degrees for my short four mile stint, but even I think Minnesotans are insane.

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Belle Epoch

Rather usual and “vintage” trick footage seat to music by SBTRKT

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Bicycles in Iran

A Photoessay (via @Brainpicker)

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Giant Bicycles

Looks like Regions Bank is working the “bike culture” angle. And I guess by posting this, I am helping them advertise. Ah, well. Whaddaya gonna do? I was told you must be between 14-16 feet tall to ride this single speed cruiser. Found in The Delmar Loop.

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two deliciously absurd cycling videos

The Drum Bike (via Bike Snob)

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Extreme Unicycling

I am pretty sure the NUACC folks are not using self balancing unicycles.

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1950s Cyclocross Race

These fellows didn’t mess around.

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