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Frenchmen cyclist sets record


Robert Marchand sets cycling record for the fastest 100 year old to cover 100 km at the outdoor Tete-d’Or Velodrome track in Lyon, France. With a goal of finishing in less than five hours Marchand beat achieved his goal at 4 hours 17 minutes and 27 seconds with an average speed of 23.31 km per hour.
I hope to be able to just ride when I hit that age.

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Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco

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Dirty Dog MTB changes name to Moment Industries

You might remember our review of the, at the time, Dirty Dog MTB disc brake rotors. They have since revamped and renamed to Moment Industries and are releasing their new rotor, Storm.


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Bike of the future?

Keeping the fan side down…

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How to improve a cyclist’s weekend instantly.


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Brussels Express

A look at bike messengers in Brussels, the most congested city in Europe with only 4% cycling traffic.

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Teamwork and execution exemplified.

Awesome teamwork and effort shared through on board cameras and data from Garmin device. The race from this past weekend’s 2012 e3 Cyclebration, held in Folsom, California, LeadOut Racing exemplified teamwork, focus and execution, which helped them dominate the weekend. Data Driven Athlete combed the video and data for the video below from the finish of the race.  Kudo’s guys.


Lego bike crash video revealed.

For those that remember ther write up we did on the Lego set where the cyclist crashed and there was an ambulance. Lego has released the video of the event.


Dog guards owners bicycle.


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El Dorado Hills Town Center Crit 2012 – Masters 5 – last 7 laps

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