I like cycling and I like making films. And watching them.

My job is sometimes very cool.

Like Michael, I too have been out of town for a few days and although internet access wasn’t a problem, the number of hours in a day was.

The downsides in this three day shoot in Manchester include hectic 13-15 hour days, no bike riding, no exercise besides being on my feet for long hours, spending all day in a very hot room, eating sporadically and getting trapped between floors in a hotel elevator for 45 minutes at night.

Highlights of the shoot were meeting and working with some lovely people from adidas, stretching my skill set beyond what I thought I was capable of, conducting a 2 hour interview with Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton; the King and Queen of track cycling, filming said track cyclists while they train with the rest of Team GB at Manchester Velodrome, having a private 2 hour track session one evening with only myself and my boss riding on the track, and after all that, being given a free miCoach Zone by a very happy adidas client at the end of it all.

I’d say the highlights won over the downsides pretty easily.

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Angel bike 2.0

It’s been a weekend of not riding my bike, which may not have been wise given that I have a sportive looming, but nonetheless it’s been a fun weekend spent with Meghan mooching around London and visiting various markets filled with awesome old things and some nice t-shirts and stuff.

So having not ridden my bike, I made up for it today by visiting Brick Lane Bikes and spending a not insignificant amount of money on some handlebars, grips and new tires. And after the long drive home, and a couple of hours happily spent putting that stuff on the “Elvis” of fixed gear bicycles, it now looks like this…

Don’t worry Mike, it’s still got a front brake. And you know you like it, really.


Still exploring

One thing I love about riding around my local English countryside is stumbling across stuff I didn’t know existed. Like this evening, riding a couple of miles south of Withington, I found myself stopped on top of what I now realise was RAF Chedworth – an airfield built in 1942. From the ground there wasn’t much to see, the airfield is now a farm but from where I stopped I could see concrete strips still visible on the ground:

And from the air, you can see the road I was on cuts straight across one of the runways:

I don’t know why I get so excited about old airfields, but this just about made my day. Some dude has even explored the nearby woods and found tons of broken down airfield buildings next to this site. Awesome.

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