Chrome Loop Pro Knicker – Review

A few weeks ago you read a review on Chrome’s Kursk shoe. After wearing the shoes for some time now, I am ┬áreally liking their quality and ability to withstand the elements and everything I’m putting them through. I wanted to see what else Chrome has to offer, that we don’t hear too much about in the mountain biking scene. I found them, their Loop Pro Knicker. Now before you go to far off in thought, we are talking about bike shorts that extend past the knee. I have worn numerous different types of popular mountain bike shorts and I like to take the path less traveled when it comes to my riding apparel choices. As well, I really like to cover up my thighs when riding in some terrain to not only avoid sun burn but from the occasional whacks from brush and high weeds. So at the risk of seeing you also riding with the Loop Pro’s, and with a slight hesitation, I will share more about these knickers.

Made in Oakland, California, the Loop Pro’s are made from Everest 4-way water repellent fabric. Now here I go again with some fabric name dropping, you’ll remember the Cordura fabric from the Kursk’s review. What Everest fabric brings to the Loop Pro, is of course its ability to repel water, but are highly breathable and dry quickly. So less to no chaffing, comfort and happy rider. The legs of the pant have a light stretch so they are flexible when moving around and on your bike, but not loose to avoid snags or bunching.

So do you carry some items with you on your ride? Whether you ride urban or mountain bike, you are bound to carry something. As you can see from above, the urban rider can stow their lock and secure it with the lock holster. For me, I carry my iPhone, I have two spots where I can safely and confidently place it within the zippered cargo pockets. So as not to loose it or anything else on the trail. The main pockets are elastically secured and do not protrude and stay close to the body. At the bottom hem of the Loop Pro’s you will find the hem adjustment snaps, giving you a loose or tighter fit, for your own taste or situation.

The Loop Pro’s are not a “baggy short”, they are intended for a more slim fit, which I appreciate as I am consistently snagging my baggy’s when moving off and on my saddle in rough terrain. Comfort is well handled with the sewn in ultra-light chamois. As we all know, on those longer rides, which you will do in the Loop Pro’s, is very welcome. For our urban riders, Chrome has placed reflective fabric on some of the details of the Loop Pro’s to help you be seen out there!

The Loop Pro’s come in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, be sure to check their size chart for details and they are available in grey or black. The price tag for these knickers are $140, but let’s be honest, you get what you pay for and these are worth it, they will last!

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